Think of when you last visited a store with a great sales assistant, who guided you to the best product and patiently answered your questions.

jabberBrain is the
virtual sales assistant that
helps your customers online,
using intelligent & humanlike

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Real Conversations

Your customers want to ask their questions using their own expressions.
They deserve more than a frustrating ”Click Bot”!

Just ask it!

Allow your customers to ask their questions with their own words.

Don’t force them to click through predefined options in order to get an answer!

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High quality interpretation

Different people ask the same question in thousands of different ways.

jabberBrain interprets them all - correctly!

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Intelligent dialogues

Customer support is not only about simple FAQs.

jabberBrain helps your customers to find the best product, using an intelligent sales dialogue.

jabberBrain understands and resolves complex customer issues, with flexible multistep dialogues.

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Your business people are in charge

No need to bother your IT guys!

What do I need to do?

1000+ ready eCommerce FAQs

Just need to adapt the responses.

Activate jB on all store pages, without coding

Now providing great help to your customers!

Add FAQs without coding

Your content people are in control.

Build powerful Sales Dialogues

Sell your products with intelligent digital dialogues.